Henna Treatment

Henna Treatment - Plano, TX

The Lotus Beauty Spa is one of its kinds in the beauty and cosmetic industry of Plano, TX, where tradition, art, style and technique blend in its quality treatments and services. Understanding the great hidden qualities of henna hair treatments and its feasibility, Lotus Beauty Spa has catered to many clients in Plano, Texas and offered them the best we can offer.

Henna hair day and henna hair color have proven it's nourishing qualities which aid the impeccable hair growth and hair quality. At Lotus Beauty Spa, our staff of skilled and experienced professionals offers a wide variety of henna treatment services at extremely affordable rates in Plano, TX. We offer henna hair dye colors which are black henna for hair, red henna hair dye, natural black hair dye, indigo henna and much more. If you are looking for services such as henna conditioner application, natural henna powder, henna for hair loss, henna for natural hair, henna hair dye, henna hair dye for gray hair, then nobody offers better quality of services than Lotus Beauty Spa in Plano, TX.

We also connect to modern elements of makeup and hair style, balancing its deep effects and pampering you from head to toe. Lotus Beauty Spa started as a passion that has grown into a unique brand of quality today, offering services that use “Food” as a cosmetic. It is our core vision to globally create an opportunity to say goodbye to the harmful chemicals to maintain healthy and radiant Skin & Hair.