Threading - Plano, TX

Available in Plano, TX, eyebrow and facial threading are the fastest-growing alternatives to facial waxing or depilatory creams offered by Lotus Beauty Spa. By twisting antibacterial cotton thread and skillfully pulling it along your skin’s surface, unwanted hair can be removed directly from the follicle. At Lotus Beauty Spa, we have offered threading services since we first opened in 2015.

Our staff of skilled and experienced professionals offers a diverse range of threading services in Plano, TX. These services include, hair removal, wax for eyebrows, threading facial hair, thread for eyebrows, facial hair threading, hair threader, hair removal threading, eyebrow hair removal, threading for hair removal, string hair removal, eyebrow grooming, and much more. Threading is an all-natural, and gentle method of accurately removing unwanted hair for people of all skin types, in particular for those with sensitive skin. It can be performed on any area of the face including the eyebrows, the upper lip, chin & sideburns. Some people also like to have the hair on their hands and fingers threaded. This method of hair removal is considered to be less painful, more precise and longer lasting than waxing.

We specialize in eyebrow design and take quite a special care in creating arches that are just right for you. We see threading as a professional art and not just a process of quickly removing facial hair. Therefore we take time with each client to give you the best service and results that cater to your needs.