Beauty Treatment - Plano, TX

Beauty Treatment

Lotus Beauty Spa was established in Plano, TX in 2009 with a core objective to cater to the requirements of today's modern woman who is always on the move. Plano-based Lotus Beauty Spa has a core philosophy of providing a customized, holistic skin care solutions to discerning consumers through a wider array of beauty treatments.

Facial - Plano, TX


Looking at the never dropping pollution levels, exposure to sun rays and complex lifestyles that bother your skin, facials should become an integral part of every woman's skin calendar. It isn't just relaxes the skin, but also exfoliates it, giving back its natural glow. A regular facial truly goes a long way in improving the overall texture and quality of your skin..

Threading - Plano, TX


Available in Plano, TX, eyebrow and facial threading are the fastest-growing alternatives to facial waxing or depilatory creams offered by Lotus Beauty Spa. By twisting antibacterial cotton thread and skillfully pulling it along your skin’s surface, unwanted hair can be removed directly from the follicle. At Lotus Beauty Spa, we have offered threading services since we first opened in 2015.

Hair Color - Plano, TX

Hair Color

Whatever suits your style and personality, we’ll find the hair color to match. The Lotus Beauty Spa offers an extensive range of colors, from bold, head-turning colors, to natural, subtle shades, and almost everything in between. Our skilled staff of experienced professionals is well-qualified and proficient in offering the best in class hair coloring services in Plano, TX.

Hair Highlights - Plano, TX

Hair Highlights

Experience the power of plant and flower power in your hair color! Lotus Beauty Spa has a full line of completely customizable colors that nourish the hair and resist fading. Our skilled and professional stylists operate on a properly tiered pricing system, based on the individual's experience, training, and creative expertise.

Henna Treatment - Plano, TX

Henna Treatment

The Lotus Beauty Spa is one of its kinds in the beauty and cosmetic industry of Plano, TX, where tradition, art, style and technique blend in its quality treatments and services. Understanding the great hidden qualities of henna hair treatments and its feasibility, Lotus Beauty Spa has catered to many clients in Plano, Texas and offered them the best we can offer.